05 September 2016

Happy Labour Day!!!

Labour Day Wikipedia Entry

In brief Labour Day was created to celebrate the achievements of workers & labour unions, with specific emphasis on the 8 hour day (8 hours for work, recreation, and sleep).

Lake Agnes

**just a friendly reminder if you do hike please ensure that whatever you bring up gets taken back down again**

To celebrate this holiday a few friends and I hiked from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to Lake Agnes Tea House, then to the Big Beehive. Total round trip was 10.2km, 520m elevation gain, and only took 4.5 hours (including 2 hours for lunch, pictures, creation of 2 Inuksuks, and general tomfoolery).

The first leg from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to Mirror Lake was a great warm up. Steady elevation gain, and sturdy footing made this a really easy hike for young kids and dogs (to which we saw tons).

From Mirror Lake to Lake Agnes Tea House the elevation gain was still quite easy, though towards the end there was a ton of horse poo all over the trail. Horse Poo. Horse Poo!!! HORSE POOOOOOOOOoooooooo…….!!! hahaha Avoiding the horse apple landmines isn’t too bad when its dry, but when it rains it tends to spread out into poo puddles and poo streams. You’ve been warned people! The hike culminates in a nice little waterfall at the base of Agnes Tea House overlooking the crystal blue waters of Lake Agnes.

The hike from Lake Agnes to the Big Beehive takes you around the right of the Lake to the far side and up a moderate elevation gain over the last 0.6km. The last 0.6km is where all the elevation gain of this leg is contained. After a moderately strenuous hike to the summit you’re treated to spectacular views over looking Lake Louise and the Fairmont hotel. And it was at this point in our hike that it started to snow and rain!

All in all this was a really memorable hike, especially due to the snow. While the mist and snow rolled in we were treated to a swathe of different views from what we had just seen!

6 / 10 

Point Deductions:

  • -1 tons of people
  • -1 litter / garbage
  • -1 horse poo
  • -1 elevation a bit too easy for my tastes

Summary: solid hike w/ beautiful views!!! a definite one to repeat in the future. mental note: next time bring a coat if its expected to rain.

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