06 October 2016

Day 2 of my DIY Squat Rack build.

On today’s agenda: drilling out 1-1/4″ holes for theĀ spotterĀ racks.

I increased the hole size to 1-1/4″ as I was having trouble getting straight hole. The increased size should help the spotter racks slide in parallel to the ground.


I tried Breyer’s Ice Cream today… thought it would be nice to mix things up from my regular brand (PC Cream First French Vanilla). It tastes like garbage and I want to puke.

Doing a bit of research Breyer’s can no longer be legally called ice cream. Is this a real thing??? I’ve included some notable articles and reddit posts below.

I think you get the picture.

[In case you were wondering] what I meant by ‘Breyer’s tastes like garbage’ after having a bowl I immediately threw the whole thing into the garbage. Where it belongs. Taste: not cream that’s for sure. Possibly a mixture of some kind of highly processed milk substitute? Texture: how I’d imagine the stay puft marshmallow man’s cum would be. Satisfaction level: like ramming a fist through my colon (near immediate use of the toilet was necessary).


“eat my cummmmmm!!!!”

Scary Movie Night #2: Bruce Campbell

notable scenes: