WC4 – Daily Yoga!

OK posting this one day late since my day yesterday was a bit crazy. I’ll have to do 2 sets of yoga today to make up for it. This week I’ll be working on stretching and trying to incorporate that into a daily (or atleast a regular) routine.

I’ve noticed that my flexibility of my hamstrings and legs is pretty terrible -I can’t even touch my toes! I’ll be looking at fixing this and adding it to a my regular fitness routine, so I’ll need it to be a rather quick sets of 25-30 minutes (no longer than 45min).

There are tons of really good (and free!) resources that one can capitalize on. I’ve been using Yoga With Adriene as my go to source for yoga instructional videos. She comes out with new videos regularly and seems to know what she’s doing (yoga snobs care to comment? ahahaha).

Goal:  Daily Yoga 20-30min

Punishment:  48hour fasting -lime & cucumber water only (I might do this for my WC5 actually…)


WC3 Summary – Pass!!!

There is a lot to think about in this week’s challenge. If I can breakdown Gladwell’s main ideas from David & Goliath:

  • True underdogs have an overwhelming advantage due to the fact that:
    • they breakdown the established status quo of incumbents
    • they see the “game” fundamentally different than incumbents
    • often break with mores & rules held by incumbents
  • Disadvantages can give rise to overwhelming & exceptional strength
    • though only happens in a very small segment
    • those that don’t rise see decreased utility overall (econ term sorry :D)
  • Oft held truths often have a U-Curve where additional effort works counter to your intended purpose
    • use of metrics and benchmarking can help uncover wasted efforts

Ultimately it would seem that so called underdogs (Davids) hold an advantage over incumbents (and so called Goliaths). They do this by allowing themselves greater flexibility in the efforts and strategies employed over their peers. These are the innovators that challenge existing rules and excel due to this added flexibility. The very rules and establishment hinders the flexibility and ability to innovate necessary to to see exceptional strength rise!

I think that we ultimately cheer for underdogs as we (subconsciously or not) want to see the innovation and improvement in the status quo, that only underdogs and rebels can bring. Whether or not we realize, we favour this change as we fundamentally believe that change (any change) brings about a net increase (in whatever metric).

What was striking for me, was that Gladwell’s David & Goliath has shown me is that all of us fall into the trap of failing to quantify and analyse what has happened. Rarely (if ever) do we take the time to reflect what we have done against key metrics (and historics are not enough!) to establish meaning and validity to our actions. Introspection and thought is an important aspect of this dance between the Davids & Goliaths of the world, and without it Davids always turn into Goliaths in the end.

An eye opening and interesting read!!!

Content: 5 stars

Ease of Reading: 5 stars

WC3 – Mental Challenge

I’m going to have to delay my planned physical challenge as I’m horribly sick with a flu that I got from my roommate (damn you Bryan!!!)

I’ll post a planned physical challenge next week!

For this week’s challenge I’ll keep it simple:

  • Read 1 Philosophy Book

For this I’ve chosen Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants”.

I’ll let you know my thoughts in my WC3 summary.

WC2 Summary – Success!!!

I cannot stress enough how this challenge was a great motivator. I made the goal this week of 200 pushups & 25 pull ups*. I’ll be it these were more negative pull ups as I’m still pretty weak, but I am pushing myself forwards.

I should really come up with some sort of celebration or at least a pic of some sort to commemorate this success. Maybe for the future challenges.    🙂

WC1 Summary – Total FAIL!!!

Wow ok so this weekly challenge thing is actually a pretty good motivator. Its a great goal that has been pushing me to push myself past my current limitations. This is something I’m going to have to continue.

100 non consecutive push ups in 24 hours is a bit too easy.

Day1 I started out with 10 push ups on my first 2 sets and that provided no challenge at all; I actually started to feel it at 20+ push ups. I skipped Day2 and added those to Day3 to see if I could hit 200 non consecutive push ups and that goal is a better goal and I was actually getting tired with sets of 25-35. At 35 I was noticeably weaker for the next set so I think I’ll keep a 30-40-30 pattern going forward.

After Day3 I completely lost motivation and stopped -a huge setback! I know I had the time to do this challenge, it was the motivation to start that ultimately hindered me. I’m thinking too much instead of just doing it.

WC1 Failure Punishment: 25KM

WC1 – Fitness Challenge

OK! First Weekly Challenge!

Well since my physical state has gone downhill over the last 2 years due to stress and environment the first few of these challenges should be fitness related. Now 100 push ups will be burning a paltry number of calories so these challeng

Weekly Challenge 1 – Fitness Challenge

GOAL:    100 push ups in 24 hours (daily)

Rules:     100 non consecutive push ups within 24 hours

Start:      21 March 2016

End:        27 March 2016

UPDATE 23 March 2016:

OK 100 non-consecutive push ups are too easy. Day1 I started out with 10 push ups per set -way too slack. Day3 I included the sets from Day 2 (ie. 200 push ups) aiming for 25+ push ups per set and that was pretty challenging.

As I see it I have 2 options:

  1. 100 push ups everyday (limited to 2 sets)
  2. 200 push ups everyday (minimum of 25 reps per set)

I think Option1 will be pretty hard and I’ll try to work up to that by the end of WC1 using Option2.


Wish me luck!