3 Weeks Till Melbourne!!!

Damn time is flying! I’ve booked my ticket to Melbourne and will be on route in only 3 weeks time.

I’ve been furiously looking for long term accommodation in Melbourne, but am rather hesitant to┬ácommit to something >3 months especially if my head hunter cannot find something for ~5-5.5 months (I’ll be heading back to YYC in May/June for a few weeks for a friend’s wedding). My nerves are starting to get to me, and honestly if I didn’t have the L-Theanine kick I think I would be a puddle of mush underneath my covers. Actually I know that for certain -I took an L-Theanine vacation over the weekend and fell into a pit of nothingness. After a good first day of L-Theanine vacation hiking Nihani Ridge Trail near Bragg Creek, my second day consisted of nothing more than waking up and staring dimly at my PC screen while unfulfilling shows and movies flashed across it.

Lately I’ve been trying to get my body onto the Melbourne timezone. I’ve decided to hell with a slow adjustment -let’s jump head first into it. The last 24 hours I’ve been nearly on the OZ timezone having going to bed at 2-3am GMT (8-9pm AEDT) and waking up at 12pm (7am AEDT). The longer sleep periods must be a consequence of my L-Theanine vacation, as I have fore the most part gotten used to a 4 hour schedule with 2-1.5 hour naps to keep my energy up. My goal is to keep this sleep schedule until I leave meaning that there will be minimal downtime when I’m in Australia.

As for my life here in YYC. I’m afraid that I haven’t been able to find quality tenants to rent out the remaining rooms in my house. I’m quite concerned about cash flow, but thanks to a little help from my mom (she gave me my inheritance early!!!) I’ll be able to cover more than a year’s worth of mortgage payments. I’m fairly well covered on my YYC finances, and if I can get a decent paying full time job in MEL (>$25AUD) I’ll be able to cover my day to day and put a bit away in my savings. I’m a bit conflicted about having a going away party: I really feel like if there were to be any celebrations that it should be occurring organically/spontaneously, while on the other hand I’m sure to alienate friends who are expecting a hearty goodbye. To complicate matters further, nearly every weekend is full up with events meaning I would likely be stealing (the proverbial) thunder from friend’s birthdays and other celebrations. Troubling. I’ll have to put some thought into the matter going forward to determine what I should do.