Homemade Squat Rack Build: Progress Update, Proposed Fixes & Upgrades

19 October 2016

I’ve got a critical issue with my proposed build that have stalled my progress:

  • the 1-1/4″ holes that I’ve drilled through the 2×6’s aren’t straight
  • I can’t find a bolt big enough to use as a rack

These problems are pretty significant (at least for me). This means that the spotter racks aren’t straight and would lead to unpredictable rolling of a potentially hazardous amounts of weight. It also means that I can’t actually find a viable solution to rack the weight!!!

I’m proposing a number of changes to the core build that will allow even greater strength and uniformity.

  1. sub the doubled 2×6’s for >3×3 perforated square tube
  2. add additional support to the top of the rack

The perforated square tube would rest on the 2×6 bottom then be secured by 2×6’s on either side. I would need 2 sets of really long bolts that would be the same diameter as the perforations. This change would greatly add the strength of this rack, with the major weak spots being the joints where the square tube meets the 2×6’s.

The additional support would entail similar securing as the bottom then would go straight across and be secured to the 2×4 studs in the wall. The whole rack would be immovable and could be considered a semi permanent fixture.

I will need to price out 4-80″ 3×3 perforated square tubes to see if this is a possible fix for my build. I’m a bit busy with cleaning out the extra rooms and moving everything, so the pricing and the actual build will have to wait until next week at the earliest. I will update this post with additional costs as they become available.