25 September 2016

This week in: ‘The Diary of an (F)Unemployed Accountant’

Jimmy’s A&A

Think of the most massive donairs you ever had. If you are thinking of anything smaller than the size if a small ham then you sir have been found lacking.  These donairs are stuffed with meat (I got the combo which is half beef donair and half chicken shwarma), has a good mix of veggies to keep things fresh, and the pickles keep everything from getting too heavy. From there depending on the type and amount of sauces you get there can be a real change in the structure and taste of the donair. Hot sauce-always. Sweet Sauce-a little extra. Garlic Sauce-in moderation (it gives me the itus.

Mango Mania

I got these awesome free drink coupons for Mango Mania; first time having aloe in a drink. I was expecting soap flavour for some reason, but it turned out to be rather refreshing -think boba jelly but crunchy… I picked up a Mango Aloe drink which was pretty refreshing and definitely worth checking out again for the other flavours.

The Locked Room

Went to the Locked Room (#191 5330 72Ave SE) and completed “Captivity” with ~5minutes to spare!!! I won’t lie we needed 2 hints in order to complete it on time. The locked room was really well setup having 4 electronic magnetic type locks (counting all the cages as one), and the experience was separated into 3 separated areas. The props were pretty standard (foam body/rubber parts, science stuff in blacklight illuminated jars, cadaver table, etc. The puzzles were challenging and fun, though we couldn’t follow the logic on 2 of them (hence the 2 hints), and the setup was stellar!

Calgary Octoberfest

My roommate and I got free tickets to Calgary’s Octoberfest. Spent $80CAD total and got completely faded. Thankfully we had the opportunity to sober up at a friend’s place where I immediately went into a tirade questioning why doctors would want to work at Grey’s Anatomy’s hospital as the staff were oddly susceptible to death -shouldn’t the FBI or local PD be looking into why so many doctors and staff had died??? Perhaps its an American social thing where murder and strange death occurrences are socially acceptable and the norm??? It was then Julie and Jeanette told me only like 2 doctors died (or something) and the others just left the hospital. I swear like 8 people died on that show… I’m going to look this up.

OK so we have 6 doctors who have died (http://www.tvovermind.com/greys-anatomy/doctors-died-greys-anatomy -all violent deaths may I add) on Grey’s Anatomy (GA) over the course of 13 seasons, and there are 28 cast members (doctors?). This means that there is a 21% chance of death working at this hospital. Who the fuck would choose to work here!!! OK maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here 1 death every 2 years isn’t too bad, but considering that these were all violent deaths it is far too much. The board of directors, the FBI, someone needs to get in here and make some drastic changes in the way that this hospital is run, and do some investigation into why there is such an outrageously high kill rate for doctors in this hospital. GA universe FBI please get on it.

Black Friday wish list:

Cube i7 Book Table (& all the accessories)


This looks like a great little tablet PC running Windows 10. Looking at all the reddit and forum reviews there doesn’t seem to be a lot of negative feedback on it and there is great emphasis on the value of the specs and the quality of the components.

To summarize these points:

  • minimal bloatware
  • cheap price
  • comparative specs to Surface Pro 4 (entry level) & macbook (fuck you Apple)
  • active stylus enabled
  • heat/throttling issue (fixed with throttling or adding a copper heatsink if you’re tech savvy)
  • 64GB SSD is quite small (can be upgraded if you are tech savvy and willing to crack it open)

Looking at GearBest on Saturday 24 Sept 2016, the price for the tablet, keyboard, and stylus was ~$500CAD during a GB flash sale and I am estimating ~$45CAD in additional customs duties. This should be a nice substitute for my laptop (which I will sell if this fits my needs) and will allow me a great amount of flexibility in my CFA studies in the new year. I’m looking forward to having all my CFA notes digitized and being able to use the stylus to annote PDF’s and make notes; physical paper and inefficient search and documentation was a significant hurdle for me with the CMA Strategic Leadership Program.

Waiting for Black Friday I am hoping to get a significant deal on this as well as a 128GB or 256GB M.2 2242 SSD, a thermal pad, a 10x10x2mm copper heatsink, and one of those tablet spreader devices. I’m fairly confident that I can switch the hard drive out and add the thermal capacity with no issues as the videos on these subjects are quite straight forward and easy to follow.