EDC Knife Review – Smith & Wesson SWMP7TS

Specs Sheet:

  • blade length-3.125″
  • closed length-4.5″
  • open length-7.5″
  • width-1.5″
  • weight-3.92 oz *as per bladehq website -independent verification unavailable at this time*
  • height (including belt clip)-0.8125″
  • blade composition-4034 steel
  • blade style-tanto, partial serrated
  • open type-thumb stud
  • lock type-button
  • handle-aluminium, rubber grip
  • other notes-n/a


Best Use: main/backup EDC knife, urban EDC kit


  • solid construction
  • light weight


  • stiff operation -unable to flick open
  • weird smell -was this sprayed with perfume???

Summary: another cheap EDC knife with a tactical spin ($42.07 CAD on amazon.ca). its lightweight form allows for easy carrying, but its size is somewhat boxy and obtrusive in the pocket. the large tanto blade is very secure and locks down with no noticeable blade play (both side to side and forward and back), though this creates so much friction that a flick open is impossible. the blade can still be opened one handed, though requires constant and smooth force on the thumb stud -a spring assisted open type would have been greatly appreciated. although this knife has a very solid construction it still wouldn’t be my ideal knife in a survival scenario. the less than effortless opening makes it less practical in utility scenarios where you only have one hand available, but would still work none the less. the blade is still sharp and shows its factory edge, and despite noticeable wear on the handle seems to be new. I have no concerns that this knife will be able to take down boxes, packaging, various cordage, and some light wood whittling.


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