EDC Knife Review – Gerber EVO Mid – Tanto

Specs Sheet:

  • blade length-3.12″
  • closed length-4.625″
  • open length-8″
  • width-1.125″
  • weight-2.40 oz *as per Gerber website -independent verification unavailable at this time*
  • height (including belt clip)-0.625″
  • blade composition-7Cr17MoV steel
  • blade style-tanto, partial serrated
  • open type-thumb stud, flipper
  • lock type-liner
  • handle-aluminium
  • other notes-n/a

Gerber EVO Mid – Tanto

Best Use: urban EDC/pocket knife, backup EDC knife


  • light weight
  • small form factor


  • horizontal blade play *I will try tightening the pin once I can get my hands on a T8 torx bit
  • liner lock jamming issue

Summary: this is a cheap little EDC knife ($38.98 CAD on amazon.ca) whose light weight and small dimensions lead to a very unobtrusive profile in a front or back pocket, making it an ideal pocket knife for the urban yuppie types. carrying this around in the pocket I barely know it is there, even in the back pocket of my running shorts! the blade lock jamming issue is caused when flicking the knife open with moderate or excessive force, causing the lock to jam the blade in the open position and requires both hands to close. the blade itself seems to still be rather sharp despite some obvious use and a ding from making contact with one of the screws. given the light construction of this knife it would not make a dependable survival knife, but as an EDC pocket knife used for breaking down cardboard boxes, opening mail, and other menial scenarios its tough to beat the portability of this knife.

16-Sep-2016 UPDATE: the horizontal blade play is getting worse! the pivot point is so loose that the leaf spring is now pushing the blade into the handle upon close. there is a little nick in the aluminium and in the blade where the 2 parts make contact. I’ve tried unscrewing the torx nuts, but they seem to have used the strongest possible lock tight as I actually bent my torx bit. I’ll be attempting a few more fixes before I send this back to Gerber for a full fix; I’d really rather not pay an additional $8.36 to get this fixed if I don’t have to. I’ve included a copy of Gerber’s warranty info and the Canada Post costs to ship to Portland below.

Gerber Warranty Information
Expected Shipping Costs to Gerber

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