08 September 2016

YYC Chapel Knife Sale!!!

Every few months or so there is this huge charity sale where the Calgary airport chapel sells many confiscated items. There are literal buckets of folding knives, multi tools, Swiss army knives, and loads of other knickknacks and paddy whacks at 30-50% of retail prices. This September marks the first knife sale in 3 months so inventory was huge!!!

Imagine a bucket brimming with $20-$35 CAD Leathermans!!!

Today’s haul:

  • 2 Leatherman Waves ($20 CAD each)
  • 2 Swiss army knives (1 medium – $15 CAD & 1 large – $25 CAD)
  • 1 Gerber EVO MID – TANTO, SERRATED ($20 CAD)
  • 1 Schrade SCH501S ($10 CAD)
  • 1 Smith & Wesson SWMP7TS ($10 CAD)
  • 1 Unbranded Emergency Services Folding Knife ($15 CAD) *for my roommate*
  • 2 bags of various butane and BIC lighters ($5 CAD)

Its not a bad haul today especially considering today’s CAD to USD exchange rate and that most knives take a much higher margin than in the US -these are probably $35-$50 knives in Canada.


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