3 Month Break!!!

Highlights of the last 3 Months:


  • New (to me) Camera!!!
    • Sony NEX-F3
  • New (to me) BBQ
  • Picking up Buddy’s New (to him) Dorsorduro
    • such a sick bike
    • was contemplating doubling him all the way to Bragg Creek so we could do a ride out


  • Riding with my cousin
    • getting him preped for riding in Canada
  • New (to me) Motorcycle boots
    • only used twice!!! SCORE!!
  • Allergy Appointment #1
    • Rabbits, horses, and cats oh my 😦


  • Homemade Throttle Locks
    • they’re a bit too sticky -ate up the rubber part of my throttle
    • will have to re-engineer a better solution
  • Motorcycle Trip
    • 2 weeks of glorious roads, twisties, glass smooth roads, and switch backs
    • Stranded twice due to bike issues (shredded back tire & clogged fuel filter)
    • Victoria harbour!!!

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  • Camera accessories
    • adjustable filters
    • cheap 35mm & 55mm lenses
  • Allergy Appointment #2
    • Dermatographia -skin writing 😦
    • No allergies to foods!!!
    • Regular bleach baths
  • Budget review
    • sudden realisation that I am bleeding money
    • panic and apply for a bunch of jobs in Calgary
    • I can put off Australia for a bit right??? 😦
  • Tragically Hip Concert stream
    • this was an emotionally packed concert -I’m glad it was streamed live across all of Canada
    • one of my first memories was listening to Ahead by a Century while lying on my aunt’s waterbed
    • I can’t help but to think this is the dead of a quintessential part of Canadiana
  • MSTRKRFT Concert
    • WTF is this shit that they’re playing??? They’re not going to play any of their songs???
    • I want a refund (or at least Han Corea)



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