27 August 2016

My personal finances are kinda fucked right now. EI just isn’t cutting it -my basic costs just aren’t being covered by this biweekly stipend.

I would actually be just fine, if it weren’t for my bi monthly mortgage payments. By my calculations I’m behind by about $1.5-2k per month in cash flow.

The last 2 weeks have been a panicked blurr of applying for jobs and planning. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Australia Visa

  • should have applied for it in October (the month I would have become ineligible)
    • I turn 30 in October, that is the maximum age for acceptance into the WHV program
    • it doesn’t make sense to apply for it any more than 4 weeks in advance of when you need it
  • VisaBureau.com
    • DON’T use this service
    • a waste of money as far as I’m concerned
      • they don’t really know their stuff when it comes to the true ins and outs of the WHV -though good if you are only looking for basic info
    • I was in a rush and used this service to apply for my visa, just use the Ausralian visa website (https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/417-)
  • You cannot amend your visa expiry date
    • got this info second hand from VisaBureau.com -I don’t really trust these guys so I’ll have to fact check this in the near future


  • YYC & MEL accounting labour market scan
    • YYC
      • few limited term 3-6 month contract positions
      • few jobs mostly intermediate to senior experience levels
      • O&G jobs are available, but given the increased volitility in the market these positions will be given secondary consideration going forward (first consideration to service & tech industries)

2016-08 Aug YYC acct labour market

    • MEL
      • Robert Half recruiters say that there accounting positions are mostly urgent in the AP/AR ranges, entry and intermediate areas
      • tons of project accounting jobs with salaries >$100k AUD -I’ll have to look into these if I decide to stay in MEL long term

2016-08 Aug MEL acct labour market

Personal considerations

  • I’ve been applying like mad to these YYC positions in reaction to my finances
    • I’m thinking that this might be a flawed approach especially if I wish to leave in 3-6 months
    • It does take a lot of company resources to hire and train someone, leaving as soon as I’m 100% productive is disingenious
  • It doesn’t really make sense to take a permanent or contract position >6 months
    • my WHV expires in May 2017
    • Mark & Melissa’s weddings is in May/Jun 2017
      • (do i really need to be there for this???)
      • it doesn’t make sense to go to Australia just to come back for this wedding after anything less than 2-3 months
  • I must still complete some final renovations and get 2 tenants into the spare rooms
    • To complete ASAP
      • hood range vent
      • various floating shelves -kitchen
      • fix soft spot in the floor
      • clean out both spare rooms
        • Bryan needs to put his stuff somewhere else
        • find somewhere for Bryan to put all his shoes (so many pairs of shoes!!!)
      • fix crawl space door & add lock
      • locks on all the doors

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