16 May 2016

Her power level is over 9000!!!



Today I hit 9000km, I have now more than doubled the number of km that I had when I got the bike 2 years ago. Thinking back I should have done quite a few more trips with Marina. Time wasted, I supposed that I should really make use of the time that I have with her before I leave for my 12 month working holiday.

Today I also had my permanent retainer removed. I won’t lie this thing was a real pain for me. It gave me a slight lisp and really worked against my confidence these last 12-13 years. I can already tell that my lisp is mostly gone; my speech no longer impaired.

It just feels good to have unimpaired speech and to be able to floss in 60 seconds rather than 10 minutes. I should have done this years ago!!!

Dr Kemp mentioned that as the retainer has been removed without regular use of my removable retainer there would be a 70% chance that my bottom teeth would shift. I’ll have to keep an eye out to determine if there is a noticeable shift over the next few months.


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