06 May 2016

OK to summarize my post from 05 May 2016 I’ve been trying to get my old bike a KZ750 (Kallie) to start and idle smoothly. So far I’ve had quite a bit of luck in that it’s turning over and starting, but then has trouble idling and quickly stalls out. When I am able to start her I require a lot of throttle to keep her going.

I’m running with the basis that the carbs are gummed up. To start I have added some carb cleaner and SeaFoam to the gas tank and added about 1.5litres of gas to the tank. I emptied the carb bowls and primed the engine to ensure that this carb cleaner reaches inside the carbs and can do its dirty work.

I think that over priming the engine yesterday really helped to flush out any old gas that was still in the system. Hopefully new gas along with the carb cleaners will dissolve any build up and expel it when the engine runs.

This process may take up to a week or more so I’ll have to keep my cousin’s battery in my bike and attached to the battery tender. I’ll start about 3-4 times a day to get fresh carb cleaner to the carbs and will keep it going even if I have to hold the throttle open. After a week of this if the bike still doesn’t idle without assistance I’ll get my hands on a compression tester and see if that’s an issue.


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