05 May 2016

Today I’ve been trying to rouse Kallie from her deep sleep. All the emotion that I felt when I first laid eyes on her has come flooding back. The emotions and nostalgia that come with age perhaps clouds my judgement. I don’t want to leave her in such a state. I want her to be happy and well rode. Even if that isn’t with me…

I’m fully aware that I’m not the one to give her a good home. I wasn’t ready for the responsibility that came with the bike; I wasn’t interested in all of her quirks and charms that only ease with experience and difficulty. Even today what I look for is different than what Kallie is/wants/needs.

Anima has fully taken over and all her quirks and nits are once again apparent. The electric start refuses to turnover unless the clutch is engaged. The kick-start flung back with fury and bashed me in the shin -just like the first time I tried to get her going after cranking on the electric start one too many times!
I’d like to get her started and running smoothly. Get her into a good home where she won’t be chewed up and used for spare parts, or frankenstined into a poorly constructed café.

Enough nostalgia. Let’s get to work!

First, Kallie no longer turns over. It did turnover when I moved her from my bro’s garage to mine last October. The problem has to be electrical; there is no power to the headlights/signals/LEDs. I’ve left the battery on a trickle charge for >3 days now and it’s still not showing the proper 12+ volts. Not good.


It looks like all the acid has dried out in the battery. I’ll have to go to CT to get them to top it up, but for the time being I’ll borrow the battery from my cousin’s KZ750-L4 to further test and continue to diagnose issues.

OK I just solved the main issue and got her to turnover. The problem was a blown 20A fuse which I now replaced. The old girl is rousing! She still refuses to run, but we’re one step closer!



Checking the spark plugs would be a good place to continue. I’ve pulled the spark plugs… There is some fouling, but they still provide a spark when I try the engine. I cleaned these up a bit and reinstalled them.


After lunch (and a bit of a phone charge) I’ll check the air filter then move on to cleaning out the carbs. I suspect that because it’s been sitting for so long, old gas has fouled up the carbs and that’s the main reason why the bike isn’t starting.

I’ve seen a few videos that detail cleaning out the carbs using SeaFoam instead of removing the carbs and rebuilding them. I’ll give it a try and leave the carbs to soak in SeaFoam over night then try to start it up tomorrow morning.

If this doesn’t work I’ll pick up a compression test kit and test for adequate compression. If there is less than 100psi it is a signal that Kallie will need to have her engine rebuilt.
SHIT! I put in a few litres of gas and left the my petcock in prime while I took a leak and came back to gas pouring out of my carbs. I think I must have left the drain open on the carb the last time I was working on the bike??? NO-apparently this is how its designed. The prime gauge floods the carbs with fuel and your only supposed to leave it in prime for 15-30 seconds… at least I found an interesting way to empty a gas tank really easily.

I switched the petcock back to the on position and caught as much gas as possible. About 1 litre leaked out and I transfered it to an empty 4litre container and labeled it bad gas for future wash use. I’ll have to leave the garage open until the fumes dissipate and I can continue to work on the bike without getting dizzy. Brb I guess?

OMG! She stirs! I let the old gal sit on the trickle charger and on a whim decided to see if she would turnover. She did! Kallie can’t idle yet, but I’m confident that holding the throttle open and running a bit of carb cleaner through will help in the long run.


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