Kawasaki KZ750 – Kallie

My F650GS (Marina) isn’t my first bike. The truth is I went out and bought an 82 KZ750 when I was far too irresponsible and stubborn. It was old, heavy and steered like a mule, but it was mine. I named her Kallie.

I would love to tell you that I treated the old gal well, started her ever month, let her idle, but we wouldn’t be here if I had treated her with an ounce of care or respect.

I bought her in 2006 right after I finished getting my class 6. I drove her seldom, and my time with her was fleeting and few. Then in 2008 I was accepted in an exchange program to Hong Hong University. ‘What an experience!’ I thought with no regard for what would happen to Kallie.

I garaged her at my bro’s place and she has never seen the open road since.
Now here she lies; sleeping; humbly waiting to stir her from this deathly 8 year slumber… if I can stir her from this coma.


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