14 April 2016

My cousin picked up a new bike. Currently stored in my garage is my cousin’s 83 KZ 750 – L4.

I drove it to my place for him since he has yet to get his license. This thing runs really nice, no real hiccups once the engine warms up -working the choke is a bit of a pain in the ass, but once you figure it out its a fairly easy start (we’ll see how it holds up when it cools down).

The KZ seems to be geared and positioned as a sport touring bike. It has a semi-tuck position -almost a 3/4, but not quite there. And the bike is geared so that it can hit 60kph in 1st gear (so much nicer than having to shift to 2nd at 35kph on my F650GS!!!). The engine redline is 12000rpm -huge compared to the 7000rpm of my F650GS!

The little details really show that this bike is a sport tourer in the truest sense of the word. Comfortable seat? -Check! Relaxed riding position? -Check! Sufficient power to wheelie? -Double check!!! For an early 80’s bike this thing has a ton of character and enough power to see you through any highway and cityscaped adventure that you might throw at it.


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