WC4 – Daily Yoga!

OK posting this one day late since my day yesterday was a bit crazy. I’ll have to do 2 sets of yoga today to make up for it. This week I’ll be working on stretching and trying to incorporate that into a daily (or atleast a regular) routine.

I’ve noticed that my flexibility of my hamstrings and legs is pretty terrible -I can’t even touch my toes! I’ll be looking at fixing this and adding it to a my regular fitness routine, so I’ll need it to be a rather quick sets of 25-30 minutes (no longer than 45min).

There are tons of really good (and free!) resources that one can capitalize on. I’ve been using Yoga With Adriene as my go to source for yoga instructional videos. She comes out with new videos regularly and seems to know what she’s doing (yoga snobs care to comment? ahahaha).

Goal:  Daily Yoga 20-30min

Punishment:  48hour fasting -lime & cucumber water only (I might do this for my WC5 actually…)


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