09 April 2016


New Seiko SSC031!!!

This is a symbolic purchase of sorts. Initially I wanted to purchase this to mark the completion of the Strategic Leadership Program of the Certified Managerial Accounting designation (now CPA). I delayed and delayed on the terrible fx rates telling myself to be pragmatic, but now that I’m entering a new phase in my life I thought it would be something of a symbolic piece that would remind me of who I am and where I’m going.

Everytime I look at this watch it doesn’t merely tell me the time. It speaks to me of my experiences, hardships, tribulations, and rare triumphs. Above all it whispers deep truths of where my hard word and effort may take me.

… it also says that I shouldn’t buy another watch (I end up needing stitches every time I buy a new watch)

Reviewing the last few post of mine they all seem to be reflective of purchases that I’ve made. Its starting to concern me that this blog is far too catering to the materialistic impulses and valueless consumption!

It truly is easier to meaninglessly pump out unboxing posts, but much harder to post material that adds value and meaning. I’ll have to strive harder to uncover meaning and value to this blog in the future.

In the meantime admire this watch!!!


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