31 March 2016

Big day! I spent the morning installing a new front mudguard from FallenCycle on eBay (http://www.ebay.ca/usr/fallencycle), then the evening partying away at the Metric/Death Cab concert here in Calgary.

If you’re curious what happened to my front mudguard, I had a very unfortunate accident on Macleod while rushing home to get to a camping trip. After having to spend a lot of time waiting for my then controller to approve my journal entries on a month end close I was late for a camping trip. In my mind the controller had kept me unfairly late as he had a tendency to posture with the other department heads during normal hours leaving a great deal to be done after hours.

I was stressed. I was angry. I was frustrated.

I was in no condition to be on my motorcycle.

But I did because I was late. Because I wanted so badly to have my direct manager respect my time. Because I felt that my time was more valuable now that work had taken more than its fair share.

The accident was a low speed collision that didn’t cause any damage to the car, but ended up mangling my front mudguard. It was a sobering moment that could have ended very differently under slightly different circumstances.

I realize now that these feelings can only be described as privilege -the same privilege that characterize my fellow millennials. It was a mistake of hubris and ego. Not a proud moment for me.

On a lighter note: Metric & Death Cab!!!



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