WC1 Summary – Total FAIL!!!

Wow ok so this weekly challenge thing is actually a pretty good motivator. Its a great goal that has been pushing me to push myself past my current limitations. This is something I’m going to have to continue.

100 non consecutive push ups in 24 hours is a bit too easy.

Day1 I started out with 10 push ups on my first 2 sets and that provided no challenge at all; I actually started to feel it at 20+ push ups. I skipped Day2 and added those to Day3 to see if I could hit 200 non consecutive push ups and that goal is a better goal and I was actually getting tired with sets of 25-35. At 35 I was noticeably weaker for the next set so I think I’ll keep a 30-40-30 pattern going forward.

After Day3 I completely lost motivation and stopped -a huge setback! I know I had the time to do this challenge, it was the motivation to start that ultimately hindered me. I’m thinking too much instead of just doing it.

WC1 Failure Punishment: 25KM


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