Sena 20s Unboxing

It was a luxury purchase, but well worth every penny…


Here is the unit attached to my old ass Shark RSF lid -which I’d like to upgrade to an AFX FX-41 DS this summer (if I can find a place in Calgary Alberta Canada that has any in stock -US road trip anyone???).


I’m rocking ear buds rather than the stock speakers. I figure that a good set of noise isolating headphones double rather well as ear plugs while not diminishing the sound quality of the call/music/intercom. Props to the Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones (; another solid buy and unbeatable value. Don’t take my word for it? Check out the lifehacker review for these bad boys, but a quick suggestion: don’t get the fabric covered ones, the wire pulls through and creates kinks in the wire.

So far I’ve only been able to test out the Bluetooth capabilities (pairing it with my phone), as well as pairing it to another 20s. Talking with my bro on his bike was really easy due to the crystal clear sound provided by the unit. My only gripe to this point was impatiently trying to set it up before going for a ride… I live in Calgary so ridable days in March are few and far between. I’ll have to do a full review one I get more experience with this unit.


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