23 March 2016

Wow ok so this weekly challenge thing is actually a pretty good motivator so long as the goal is sufficiently challenging. I’ve had to make amendments to my WC1 goals (and will have to update the WC1 page to reflect these later on). So far I feel great pushing myself to come up with creative ways to make the goal, or make it sufficiently challenging… I might have to make a Monthly Challenge to challenge myself in the near term.

On the nutrition front I’ve also decided to cut out all my extraneous glut from my diet. That means no more fast food, no more beer/liquor, limited portions, and going vegetarian for 4 days a week (:S scary!!!). I’ve upped my water intake and have spiked it adding a few slices of lime, cucumber & a few sprigs of & mint to my water -hopefully that will deaden any hunger pangs until dinnertime.

I’ve also noted that if I truly want to treat myself like a corporation I will have to get serious about organizing & filing. That means photographing all major invoices/receipts on my credit or debit card (I can ignore cash for the most part since I barely use it) as well as putting together financially sound accounting documentation.



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