WC1 – Fitness Challenge

OK! First Weekly Challenge!

Well since my physical state has gone downhill over the last 2 years due to stress and environment the first few of these challenges should be fitness related. Now 100 push ups will be burning a paltry number of calories so these challeng

Weekly Challenge 1 – Fitness Challenge

GOAL:    100 push ups in 24 hours (daily)

Rules:     100 non consecutive push ups within 24 hours

Start:      21 March 2016

End:        27 March 2016

UPDATE 23 March 2016:

OK 100 non-consecutive push ups are too easy. Day1 I started out with 10 push ups per set -way too slack. Day3 I included the sets from Day 2 (ie. 200 push ups) aiming for 25+ push ups per set and that was pretty challenging.

As I see it I have 2 options:

  1. 100 push ups everyday (limited to 2 sets)
  2. 200 push ups everyday (minimum of 25 reps per set)

I think Option1 will be pretty hard and I’ll try to work up to that by the end of WC1 using Option2.


Wish me luck!


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