21 March 2016

ugh I feel disgusting… the past week and a half I spent fully indulging my gluttony & sloth. Hours of computer games, binge watching Daredevil & other movies on NetFlix, and worst of all I haven’t gotten anything done from my to do list.

A week like this just can’t happen. Looking back on my past week it feels like a blur of emptiness with no real accomplishments or moments of significant note to speak of (hence no blog posts). That is the type of person I do not want to be. Its not who I am, its not what feeds my soul and pushes me to greater heights.

All of this came to a head when my physical returned some surprising results: since I last weighed myself (around the time I started at Tesco in 2014) it would seem that I’ve gained some weight. I’m 164.7lbs (74.7kgs)!!! Yikes!!! This is a far cry from the 140lbs of my days in HK. I know that that was 8 years ago, and I was a fitness freak, but it is not a good feeling to be this far away from your peak physical condition.

Well all this ends now. I’ve broken numerous of my unemployment rules. The first 4 rules actually. Damn. 1 week is a lot of wasted time… OK time to get back on track.


  • Sena 20S unboxing page
  • weekly fitness challenges
  • entranceway blackboard build plan
  • DIY panniers build plan
  • CMA Professional Experience Report!!



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