11 March 2016

Whoa!!! Busy week!!!

I’ve installed all the cabinets in the kitchen (finally), installed the dishwasher, and found out that the garbage disposal unit that I’ve been hanging onto is leaking. Too bad I found out about that leak after I setup all my pipes to fit a disposal unit… oh well! I’ve used that thing a total of 2 times in the 1 year leading up to my kitchen and living room renos last November.

Tons of bike maintenance and chores to do this upcoming weekend.

  • bleed the brakes
  • change the brake pads [brake pads are ok ~1.5mm remaining]
  • change oil, oil filter and gaskets
  • order side racks from Canada’s Motorcycle
  • put up kijiji ads selling:
    • microwave
    • KZ750 – Kallie I’m sorry!!!
    • work desk
  • clean up the scrap 2×4’s in my garage

Tons of stuff to do I’ll post some pics of my completed kitchen later next week!


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