03 March 2016

I was laid off yesterday.

The shock of the situation and the odd sense of hollowness gave way to pure excitement as I’ve come to realize that this could not have come at a better time. My time with Tesco was marked by limitations: limitations on the systems and processes of my everyday life, the limited options for advancement in my career, and the limitations of a demanding job that eats into my evenings, weekends, and holidays.

The scary and thrilling thought is that I now have the time and freedom to do those things that I’ve dreamed of doing; to grow into the person that I’ve always dreamed myself to be. I turn 30 in October this year. I’ve grown a lot to get to where I am. My sense of accomplishment and responsibility cannot be called into question, but still I wonder where this turn takes me. What of my future and what will become of me?

I’m a CMA. I’ll fall back on what I’ve been trained to do. Plan, Grow, Work, and Achieve.


… I’ve got some serious planning and work to do.


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